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About us


Architects Association of Tanzania (AAT) is a body of Architects established in 1982 and boasting a total membership of 566 countrywide. These include 328 corporate members, 40 graduate members, 191 student members and 7 technician members. AAT is a largest family of Architects in Tanzania giving support in lines of continuing professional Development (CPD), networking and access to International Architects Organizations.

AAT works with government of United Republic of Tanzania to improve the built environment and its sustainability by providing advisory support through various workshops and interventions in various forums.

AAT has been proving technical support to Architects and Quality surveyors Registration Board (AQRB) for several years. This ranges from resources persons in intermediate and final examination review classes, to resource persons in various workshops.

AAT on annual basis awards a best final year student in Architecture of Ardhi University.

AAT is affiliated with several international organizations include International Union of Architects (UIA), Africa Union of Architects (AUA), Common wealth Association of Architects (CAA) and East Africa Institute of Architects (EAIA).


To promote excellence in Architecture and deliver service to public and to ensure that the society accrues most benefits from services delivered.


To become the largest pressure group in me country safeguarding Architects interest at the best level.


  • Increase public awareness on importance of engaging Architects in building construction
  • Broaden AAT representation in national policy making organs and in international bodies including CAA, AUA and UA
  • Improve AAT financial position so that it undertakes various activities aiming at elevating its member’s professional well-being.
  • Enroll new student members; groom them as a catchments group for future corporate members.

Architectural Association of Tanzania Structure comprises of Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the council.

Annual General Meeting:
The AGM is the supreme organ of AAT. It convenes once every year. During every two years and election AGM is held during which new office bearers for the next two-year term are elected.

The Council
The council is an execute body running day to day AAT matter. It comprises of the President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer. Immediate past President, and six (6) elected councillors. The twelfth member is Head of Department of Architecture of Ardhi University. The Council meets once every month.

What do you need to be me member of AAT?

Simple Stages

  1. You should have a Bachelor Degree / Diploma / Graduate or Student in Architecture / Interior Design/ Architectural Technologist.
  2. Register ONLINE HERE.