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Ethics and the Production of the Built Environment in Tanzania by Arch(Dr.) Ezekiel Z Moshi

Arch(Dr.) Ezekiel Z Moshi


Ethics deals with moral principles and is concerned with right or wrong behaviour. The media today is full of references to corruption in politics sports and many other social settings. Are architects and Quantity Surveyors immune to ethical challenges? What do we see when we follow the process of the built environment production in our cities today? What can we say about ethics when we analyse the formal and informal processes and practices involved in the production of the built environment of our cities? Can the professionals, including architects and quantity surveyors, be ethical in an un-ethical environment. Do architects and Quantity Surveyors operate outside the prevailing socio-economic and political environments.

The paper will attempt to review or incite debate on the key issues of code of ethics and professional conduct as is expected of architects and quantity surveyors under the following key themes: obligations to the client, obligations to the public, obligation to the profession, obligation to colleagues, and obligation to the environment.